Potbelly Offers Turducken Sandwich & Pumpkin Pie Shake

by | Nov 12, 2018 | News

New Meal Looks Good, But Also Painful for Stomach


On Nov. 13, Potbelly customers can stuff their faces with the limited-time Turducken sandwich. The sandwich features a a combination of turkey, duck and chicken toasted with cornbread stuffing and topped with a cranberry-honey sauce, mayo, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato and seasoning.

“Turducken is the perfect unity of three classic holiday meats and an ode to adventurous eaters,” said Chef Ryan LaRoche, head foodie at Potbelly. “It’s the ideal sandwich for those who are impatiently awaiting their Thanksgiving feast.” Chef LaRoche didn’t comment on the massive amounts of diarrhea the sandwich is sure to incur.

If you are loaded up on Pepto Bismal, you can round out your Thanksgiving-inspired meal with a unique twist on a holiday dessert classic. The new Pumpkin Pie shake blends a whole slice of real pumpkin pie with hand-dipped vanilla ice cream for a rich, creamy treat. That’s right, disturbingly, there’s an entire slice of pumpkin pie in each shake.

Both the Turducken sandwich and Pumpkin Pie shake will only be available for a few weeks, while supplies last and before the backlash from upset stomachs becomes too loud to ignore.

“This sandwich is exactly as bizarre as it is delicious,” added Brandon Rhoten, chief marketing officer of Potbelly. “And if you’ve never had a whole piece of pumpkin pie blended into a hand-dipped milkshake, you haven’t lived. Chef Ryan is a mad scientist and is making us go off our diets with his wonderful creations — he needs to be stopped.”

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