White Castle to Offer Limited-Edition Turkey Sliders

by | Nov 3, 2018 | News

Seasonal Slider Offerings


White Castle is offering Turkey Sliders for the holiday season. Other highlights from their seasonal menu include Loaded Sweet Potato Fries, Loaded Fried Green Beans and a refreshing Cranberry Spritzer with Sprite®.

One mouth-watering recommendation is the Turkey Slider topped with tangy bistro sauce, spicy Dusseldorf mustard or slow-cooked apple butter. Definitely a sandwich that would be perfect for football gameday.

White Castle menu items are known to blow up more than a few stomachs, and it remains to be seen whether these limited-edition items will cause more or less noxious fumes than usual (our bet is more… how else are we to interpret the word “Loaded” in front of  the fries and green beans?).

The menu items are now available in all White Castle restaurants for a limited time only.