Review: Starbucks Double Shot on Ice – How Tasty?

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Summary: Boy, oh boy. This thing tasted good. Bitter espresso mixed with a sweet and syrupy aftertaste. Definitely got me awake! But.. there are definitely some consequences that come with that alertness.

Meal Context

The Starbucks Doubleshot® on Ice combines four simple ingredients: bold espresso, ice, Classic Syrup and milk. 

Yesterday, I ordered it from my good pal Mattias, the Barista. Make it snappy if you would, my dear Mattias! I have to be at work in 20 minutes. Chop chop!

Mattias let out his usual deep sigh. So cute!

I ordered the drink hoping that it’d give me a good energy boost as I needed to be very alert for my annual review.

My Double Shot was out within the next few minutes, and I was sure to give Mattias a sly wink as I accepted it at the counter. He let out another one of his deep sighs and said “enjoy.”

I grabbed the drink and took a few sips on the way to my car. I had to hustle to make my meeting with the big boss.

Meal Context Score: 6 out of 10


Boy, oh boy. Did this thing taste good! One sip, two sips, three sips, four!

The bold espresso provided a bitter kick while the classic syrup evened it out with some sweetness. The frothy milk was a delicate addition that made me feel like a sophisticated individual.

Bum. Bum. Bum. Pow. Pow. Pow. My heart started racing from the combination of the pleasant tastes and the caffeine kick.

Me likey!

Taste Score: 8.5 out of 10


 This is a legit looking drink. Definitely sets you apart from the other wannabe Starbucks customers. Pretty sure I even got a few sideways envious glances as I was walking out: Wow what is that?? That guy must know what he’s doing.

The ingredients all flush together to create an appealing light brown.

I strolled into my big boss’s office. His name is Eric. Eric said, wow, now that’s a man’s drink!

I grimaced. Nothing to do with Eric’s comment, but my stomach had erupted into an unbearable pain. The searing feeling felt like a knife stabbing my innards. I mumbled out a thank you, sir and took my seat at Eric’s desk.

Well… Eric began, I’ve got to be real with you, Henry. You’ve had an up-and-down year. We could really go either way on retaining your services.

Just then I couldn’t take it anymore. The pain had reached its threshold. I relieved myself in front of the big boss. 

Look Score: 7 out of 10

Stomach Effects

The big boss, Eric, was not amused by my relief. He said what the ‘eff! What the ‘eff, Henry!

I tried to explain to him that I don’t usually have double shot espressos, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know this would happen!

Eric said to come back into his office the next day and that he was very disappointed.

Now I’m at home stressed and writing this review!


Stomach Score: 2 out of 10

Pros & Cons



Tasted really good.


Had a solid excahnge with the barista, Mattias.


Would recommend everyone give this doubleshot a “shot”!



Definitely hurt my stomach, and may have caused me to lose my job.